Dedication to Gabby Kennedy

We asked friends of Gabby Kennedy to share fond memories and photos with her. We have accumulated them here in dedication to the wonderful person she was.

"Her smile said everything you needed to know about her."- Bryce Cheers, Gabby's Boyfriend

Gabby and her boyfriend Bryce Cheers

Gabby with one of her closest friends, Abigail Carter.

Gabby with one of her closest friends, Abigail Carter.

"In my eyes, Gabby was the definition of the color yellow. She lit up every single room she walked in and never failed to make everything a little bit brighter. She put a smile on my face more than she probably knew."- Jessica Rogers

"Gabby became an important part of my routine. Each day, without fail, she would come into Viking Hall with a smile on her face and talk to me before school. I remember one day she wasn’t her cheerful self and I asked her what was wrong. She opened up about some family issues and I couldn’t help but be surprised. I asked her how, with all that was going on in her life, she stayed so positive. She told me she wanted to bring happiness and joy into everyone's life, rather than negativity. And I haven’t forgotten it since. Gabby was more than just a light, she was the best part of my day. Seeing her in homeroom everyday, working on new art and listening to music, is something I will miss more than words can explain. She may not be here on this Earth anymore, but the lessons she left with us are eternal."- Ruth Rose

Gabby and Ruth together in class.

"I would like to share a positive memory with Gabby. I was having a pretty bad day honestly and I got into homeroom one day and Gabby came in there and the first thing she even did was come up to me and tell me she loved my outfit and that I had a “cool vibe”. It was probably the first positive experience I had that whole day. She just made people feel good or feel better every chance she could and our little homeroom chats meant a lot to me, and she really knew how to make her brief few moments in our homeroom before going to Slone’s room enjoyable."- Emma Cross

Gabby and her friend Shelby Jeffcoat.

Gabby and one of her friends Shelby Jeffcoat.

"Every time I went to Food City she was almost always there always working with a bright smile on her face no matter how bad the weather was or if someone wasn’t the nicest to her. The last conversation I got to have with her was about her senior year and how she missed playing softball. She was such a wonderful person." - Rayne Russo

Gabby with a group of good friends. Submitted by Finley Large.

Gabby and a group of close friends.

"When I think of Gabby Kennedy, I think of a kind, beautiful soul who gave her best. When Gabby was in my Honors English class, she always showed up, worked hard, and dug deep. Gabby had grit; she never gave up. This was how she was in relationships, too. She was present for those in her life, gave her best to them, believed in them, and loved them unconditionally. I also felt this love from Gabby. Last year, she stopped by my room to say hi and to get a snack. While she was there, she left a sweet little note on my podium. That note has stayed there ever since and has been a daily reminder that a small act of kindness may have a major impact. Thank you, Gabby, for making a difference in my life by being in it" - Mrs. Vickers

Gabby and Kayla Lemons playing softball at Vance.

Gabby and Kayla Lemons playing softball at Vance.

"I wanted to say that I didn't know Gabby like others did I wasn't there in her sixth grade class. I only met her a few months ago before the virus shut down schools. I met her at Food City In the checkout line that she worked, she looked at me one day and said hi and smiled. Most people know that she had a shining smile that you could always point out in a crowd. Every time I went to Food City I always looked forward to seeing her because she gave me a little courage. She knew that I was a mom as she adored Raven every time she saw her or would always ask about her. She knew I was a mom, but she didn't care about my mistake and over looked it because she new that I was still growing as a person. She is always loved by everyone and no one has a single bad thing to say about her. I saw her that Friday before, like most people she was leaving school. I didn't think that would be the last time I'd see her but like usual she asked about Raven and said have a good weekend. I thought that I would see her again after school on the way home and get another wave hello and goodbye. After today I learned more gracious things about her she was full of life and cared so much about her friends. She isn't here physically but she is always in our heart and mind.
She was an artist and loved music especially the beetles and she wanted to be a teacher. From her death we know that she can teach us a few things: Too love one another and always smile, never judge and always be kind." - Mattie ?

"Hi! I’m sorry this is so late and I totally understand if I missed the deadline. I have this picture of Gabby and I and was hoping it could be the story you’re dedicating to her. We took this picture in May. Both she and I love oldies, such as the Beatles, and saw the opportunity to take an Abbey Road inspired picture downtown. I will miss all of the times we’ve talked about our love and appreciation for music in the 60s-70s, when it was good." - Audreyana Cuddy

Gabby and Audreyana recreating the Abbey Road album cover.

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