Dual Enrollment

 THS Dual Enrollment

All students who enroll in dual enrollment courses should complete the TSAC application
for the dual enrollment grant. 
If this is your first DE course, you will visit the TSAC student portal, scroll to the bottom and register yourself for a TSAC account. Be sure to not use your school email for any DE-related applications. You will need your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER to enroll. If you are a returning DE student, then your username and password should be the same from the previous year. Once you have created your account, you can login HERE to apply for the dual enrollment grant. Be sure you choose the grant for the correct term and year. If you are taking classes from more than one college, choose the school that starts first, and then let your counselor know that you are taking another class from another institution.

I recommend opening a notes page in your phone for college-related usernames and passwords.  You will eventually come back to the TSAC portal to choose the school you attend after you graduate high school.

Step One: Apply** to the college here

Step Two: Complete the Promise to Pay Form here.

Step Three: Complete the Course Selection Form here. This is where you choose the course you are supposed to sign up for.

Step 4: Confirmation. After completing the Course Selection Form, you will receive an email 
from Jill Oberfeitinger, who is our DE liason at Tusculum.To confirm your dual enrollment, you must respond to her email answering the three questions she asked you. 

After these steps are completed you will receive an email from Tusculum that will have your usernames and passwords for its Canvas site and school email.

**If you have taken dual enrollment before, you still must complete the application if you haven't filled one out for that calendar year.  For example, if I had a class in Fall 2021, I would have to reapply for Fall of 2022. However, if I applied in the Spring of 2022 and want to take another in the Fall of 2022, I would not have to reapply because it is the same calendar year.


Step One: Complete Dual Enrollment Consent Form here.

Step Two: Complete the Dual Enrollment Parent Consent Form here.

Step Three: Complete the Northeast State application here.

Step Four: Complete the Dual enrollment consent form and immunization health history form here.

Additional information on completing the application can be found 

Check your username and password here.


Step One: Complete the ETSU application here.

Step Two: Request transcripts and test scores be sent to ETSU.

Step Three: Print & complete the Dual Enrollment Authorization form here. Scan and email a copy to [email protected]. Ms. Silvers can do this for you.

Step Four: Complete the Immunization requirement form, and scan email to [email protected] here . Ms. Silvers can scan and email. (You most likely had HepB vaccine as a baby because it is required for public schools. Since you are not on campus, you do not need the Meningocaccal unless you/your parents want you to ).

Step Five: Monitor the email you used for your application to watch for other emails that will have your E number for ETSU. This email will also have directions for Goldlink and how to register for your class. You have to register yourself for the class. The classes must be ONLINE, and the time will say TBA. 

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