Dedication to Logan Smith

We asked friends of Logan Smith's friends to share some of their fond memories of him. We have collected them and placed them her to share how  much of a remarkable person Logan was.

Logan with friends, Isabella Stiltner and Jenna Epperson.

"I met Logan through an after school program in 6th grade. We were the oldest in the program by a couple years so we stuck together. There's so many great stories from that time but my favorite involves his hair and how it used to be short and stick flat on his forehead. I asked him one day if he'd ever tried to style his hair or stick it up and he said he tried but it never worked. The next day he comes in with a bottle of hair gel and I was very surprised to hear him ask me to style it for him/ So we looked up a YouTube tutorial and had our counselor rate which style was best. After that day he would occasionally bring in the bottle of hair gel so I could style it until he learned how to on his own."
-Lauren Eckley

Logan in the middle with the other Cross Country seniors.

"Logan buddy, I'm speechless man. When I took on AP Physics I knew I was going into a class I wouldn't be able to handle on my own. I was correct too. By the grace of god, you were seated beside me and became my lab partner for the semester. As the semester progressed, our partnership consisted of scrambled homework checks, mid-boggling physics experiments, and lengthy lab reports. Beyond that, our conversation was always so much deeper. There was always a topic that your great mind led us to. I value our conversations and will never take a minute of that class for granted. I will never take one of our run ins at the Y when you were picking up your bothers for granted. Thanks for always being you."
-Trevor Lee

Logan with Allie Frye, Emma Frye, Bella Frye, and Sydney Cunningham. 

"A wonderful memory of Logan I have is whenever he would jump over my backyard fence after school when he was walking me home! It was always so funny to see him try and make it over the fence in one jump and he was such a goofy person"
-Carly Slagle

Logan performing with fellow cast members in the production of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee".

"In summer 2019, Logan and I were in a production of The Wizard of OZ at theatre Bristol. I remember we would always play UNO backstage, but we would always get too loud and get in trouble, but we still did it everyday. I'm going to miss him and his love/passion for the arts"
-Mason White
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